Residential Services

Appliance Circuit Install

Dedicated electrical circuit for household appliances, ensuring safety, preventing overloads, and optimizing performance. Professional installation is essential for compliance with electrical standards and longevity of both the appliance and the electrical system.

Breaker Panel Inspection

Breaker Panel Inspection is a thorough assessment of the electrical panel by certified electricians to identify and address potential issues, ensuring safety and optimal system performance.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Professional setup of ceiling fans. Experienced installers handle wiring, secure mounting, and ensure proper functionality. This service enhances comfort, improves air circulation, and adds an aesthetic touch to the space.

Custom Home Electrical Services

At Point B Electrical Services, we specialize in creating bespoke electrical systems for custom homes. Our tailored solutions ensure your unique design and functionality requirements are met with precision. From personalized consultations to expert installations and ongoing support, we provide the highest quality service to ensure your dream home is both safe and efficient. Trust us to integrate advanced technologies seamlessly, future-proof your home, and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Dimmer Switches

Skilled electricians handle the installation process, ensuring correct wiring and functionality. This service provides the convenience of adjusting lighting levels, enhancing ambiance, and promoting energy efficiency.

Doorbell installation

Expert setup of doorbell or chime systems. Trained technicians manage the wiring, mounting, and connection to ensure the doorbell/chime operates seamlessly. This service enhances security and convenience, offering an audible notification when someone is at the door.

Electrical Panel Repairs

Addressing issues with the electrical panel. Certified electricians assess and fix problems such as faulty wiring, damaged components, or overloaded circuits to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of the electrical system. This service helps maintain electrical safety, prevent disruptions, and extend the lifespan of the electrical panel.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. Trained electricians handle the installation, ensuring proper wiring and compatibility with the vehicle’s charging requirements. This service facilitates convenient and efficient charging, supporting the growing trend towards electric mobility while ensuring safety and compliance with electrical standards.

Garage & Workshop

Wiring of electrical systems in garage or workshop spaces. Experienced electricians manage the wiring, outlets, and lighting, ensuring safety and functionality. This service is tailored to meet the specific needs of these spaces, providing sufficient power for tools, appliances, and lighting fixtures. Proper wiring in garages and workshops enhances productivity, supports various electrical devices, and ensures a safe working environment.

Installation of Generlink

Specialized electrical service that focuses on setting up the Generlink device, a manual transfer switch for portable generators. Skilled technicians handle the installation process, connecting the Generlink device to the homes’ meter socket. This service enables homeowners to safely and easily switch between grid power and generator power during outages, providing a reliable backup power solution. Professional installation ensures proper functionality, compliance with safety standards, and seamless integration with the existing electrical system.

GFCI/AFCI Installation

Integration of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs). Certified electricians handle the installation process, ensuring these safety devices are correctly wired and integrated into the electrical system. GFCIs protect against electrical shocks by quickly cutting off power in the presence of a ground fault, while AFCIs detect and mitigate the risk of electrical fires caused by arcing. This service enhances electrical safety and is essential for code compliance.

Home Renovations

Addresses the electrical aspects of home remodeling projects. Experienced electricians manage the installation, upgrade, or relocation of electrical systems to accommodate the changing layout and requirements of the renovated space. This service includes rewiring, adding outlets, installing new fixtures, and ensuring compliance with current electrical codes. Electrical home renovations enhance safety, functionality, and energy efficiency while meeting the electrical needs of modern living spaces. Professional expertise ensures a seamless integration of electrical components with the overall renovation plans.

Light Upgrade and Repair

Enhancing and maintaining the lighting systems. Certified electricians handle the installation of energy-efficient lighting fixtures, such as LED bulbs or smart lighting solutions, to improve illumination and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, they address any issues with existing lighting, such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning fixtures, providing repairs and replacements as needed. This service aims to optimize lighting performance, increase energy efficiency, and ensure a well-lit and safe environment.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Installation and upkeep of outdoor lighting systems. This service includes the placement of fixtures, wiring, and connections to enhance aesthetics, improve security, and provide functional illumination for outdoor areas. Whether for pathways, gardens, or building exteriors, outdoor lighting installations create an inviting atmosphere and contribute to safety. Ongoing maintenance ensures that the outdoor lighting system remains reliable, efficient, and in compliance with safety standards.

Outlet/Switch Installs

Installation process, ensuring proper wiring and placement of outlets and switches according to safety and usability standards. This service facilitates the convenient access to electrical power and the control of lighting or appliances. Whether adding new outlets, replacing outdated switches, or installing dimmer switches, this service enhances functionality, safety, and the overall usability of the electrical system in a given space.

Pool/Spa Hookup

Safe and compliant installation of electrical systems for pools and spas. Certified electricians handle the wiring, connections, and installation of equipment to power and control pool and spa components, such as pumps, heaters, and lighting. This service ensures that the electrical setup meets safety regulations and is designed to withstand the unique conditions associated with water features. Professional pool/spa hookup installation enhances the functionality, efficiency, and safety of the aquatic environment, contributing to an enjoyable and secure experience for users.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation is a crucial safety-focused electrical service. Certified technicians handle the proper placement, wiring, and installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. This service ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards, providing early detection of potential threats. Smoke detectors alert occupants to the presence of smoke, indicating a potential fire, while carbon monoxide detectors warn against the presence of this odorless and dangerous gas. Professional installation guarantees the reliable functioning of these life-saving devices, contributing to the overall safety of the environment.

Electrical Surge Protection

Designed to safeguard electronic devices and appliances from power surges. Certified electricians handle the installation of surge protection devices, such as surge protectors or whole-house surge suppressors, to mitigate the impact of voltage spikes on the electrical system. This service helps prevent damage to sensitive equipment caused by lightning strikes, utility issues, or internal electrical disturbances. Professional surge protection installation ensures the resilience of the electrical infrastructure, extending the lifespan of electronic devices, and providing an added layer of defense against potential power-related damage.

Timers & Sensors

Automated control systems. Certified electricians handle the installation of timers and sensors to automate lighting, HVAC systems, or other electrical devices. Timers allow for scheduled activation or deactivation of equipment, promoting energy efficiency, while sensors can trigger responses based on environmental conditions or occupancy. This service enhances convenience, energy savings, and security by providing intelligent control of various electrical systems. Professional installation ensures the proper integration and functioning of timers and sensors within the overall electrical infrastructure.


Electrical Troubleshooting is a diagnostic service provided by certified electricians to identify and address issues within an electrical system. Skilled technicians use specialized tools and knowledge to investigate problems such as power outages, flickering lights, or malfunctioning outlets. The troubleshooting process involves identifying the root cause of electrical issues, repairing or replacing faulty components, and ensuring the overall safety and functionality of the electrical system. This service is essential for resolving electrical problems promptly, preventing potential hazards, and restoring the reliable operation of the electrical infrastructure.

Whole Home Rewiring

Point B Electrical Services offers comprehensive whole home rewiring, expertly handled by certified electricians. We replace outdated wiring, upgrade outlets, switches, and electrical panels to ensure safety, compliance with modern codes, and accommodate increased power demands. This service enhances the reliability and safety of your home’s electrical system, reduces the risk of hazards, and supports the efficient operation of modern appliances. Trust our expertise for an efficient, safety-compliant rewiring process. Contact us today!

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